AVC and HEVC Selective Video Encryption: Decryption Challenge


Video Encryption Challenge

Several ciphering methods have already been proposed for HEVC contents. For this challenge we provide three HEVC and three AVC bitstreams which have been ciphered using different selective encryption methods to test the robustness of these solution against different types of attacks.

We provide information on how to encrypt and encode the hevc bitstreams ciphered with the selective encryption solutions using open source software. We also provide six ciphered AVC and HEVC bitstreams that can be used as reference for security evaluation of selective encryption.

Kvazaar HEVC encoder and openHEVC HEVC decoder can be used as reference software to encode, encrypt and decrypt these sequences.

The detailed information related to the challenge can be found in the following document: VideoDecryptionChallenge.pdf

Dataset URL

The HEVC and AVC bitstreams ciphered using our selective encryption solution can be downloaded here: VideoDecryptionChallenge.zip

Questions and requests

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