Subjective Evaluation Testing Room

IETR/VAADER Team (Rennes, France) has a psychovisual room complying with the ITU-R BT.500-13 Recommendation.
We are able to evaluate the subjective quality of different video formats including 4K, High Frame Rate (HFR), High Dynamic Range (HDR) coded with different video coding standards: HEVC, SHVC, AVC and VP9.
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World premiere! 4EVER-2 is proud to deliver an Ultra HD-TV phase 2 live production, with UHD-TV « HFR » 100 frames per second and Dolby AC-4 audio

Once again, the 4EVER-2 team innovates in Ultra HD-TV with an end-to-end live production in HFR (High Frame Rate, 100 frames per second) and Dolby AC-4 audio during the ice hockey match France-Switzerland at Cergy-Pontoise, on Sunday, April 9 2017.

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4EVER-2 IBC 2016

4EVER-2 consortium presented its research results on UHD-TV phase 2 at IBC 2016

4EVER-2 partners continue their studies on UHD-TV phase 2 and will present their latest research results at IBC 2016.
The aim is to improve audiovisual quality, as well as prove that these technologies are realistic.

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